Oxygen is an important element required by all the living beings, but several times in our body when it undergoes oxidation process, it can be harmful to the organs, and specially in disease condition where the Reactive oxidation species (ROS) can cause further damage to the cells and worsen the disease condition. Hence it is extremely important to control the level of Oxidative stress even before giving the medicine.

Our partners from Spain have successfully manufactured products with their research technology – Molecular Activation Technology. Through this technology they have activated every single molecule by charging it with electrons, and prepared a cocktail of Anti-Oxidants separately for different disease conditions.

These products are available for Pet Care market in Europe and America for past 6-7 years, and now they will be introduced in India for the benefit of Indian Pet industry.

All the products are available in a pack of 150 ml with syringe for ease of dispensing
Dose: 1 ml per 5 kg body weight every 12 hrs for all products in both dogs and cats
Palatability is increased with the help of liver aroma

All products are formulated using natural source, and exhibits no side effects