Catalysis S.L.


This technology was developed at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Spain, Madrid. It is the third largest public institution dedicated to research in Europe. Catalysis S.L., our partner, has collaborated with the CSIC and has commercialised this technology to create a most novel product basket.

Catalysis S.L. was founded in 1989 in Spain. It has been involved in research and development of products in human and animal pharma, cosmetics and nutrition.

Molecular activation technology has enabled Catalysis to manufacture products which are based on the latest discovery of beneficial effects that antioxidants have on free radicals in the organism and at the same time stimulate the body's immune system.

This is the FIRST TIME that products manufactured by this technology are being introduced in treatment of companion animals. Unique benefit is that these products are free of side effect and have a very high safety profile.

The products are manufactured at their facility which is European Union standards compliant.