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VIVALDIS conducts its launch meeting in 3 metro cities- Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi

India – April, 2015 – VIVALDIS conducted Launch meeting and Technical seminars in 3 metros in the month of April In its quest to reach out to the Veterinarian community across different parts of India, VIVALDIS had conducted technical seminar at Chennai on 14th April, Mumbai on 17th April and Delhi on 19th April 2015
Dr Eduardo Sanz , the Scientific Managing Director of Catalysis, Spain was invited as a speaker for all the three events to talk about Molecular Activation Technology and benefits of these technology applied to the unique range of products for Lifestyle Disease Management. All the 3 sessions conducted by Dr Sanz were very interactive and also received a very good feedback from the Veterinarians across these cities.

The event in Mumbai was conducted in association with Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM). Dr Chitanya Lele was also invited as a speaker for this event to talk about surgical approach to Celiotomy, which was well appreciated.

For the Delhi meeting, Dr Yathiraj , the dean of Bangalore Veterinary College was invited as a speaker along with DrSanz. DrYathiraj, shared his experience and views about common Lifestyle diseases seen in pets and how they can be managed.

All the three events conducted in April were very successful and well appreciated by all the Veterinary doctors who have attended it.