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VIVALDIS conducts its first launch meeting in Pune

Pune, India – February 27th, 2015 – VIVALDIS conducted its 1st launch meeting at Pune. Over 25 renowned Veterinary doctors from Pune city were invited for this event at Couryard Marriot , Pune. It was the first official launch of VIVALDIS in India.
Chairman Mr. O.P Singh and Executive Director Mr. Kunal Khanna were present for the launch.

Mr. O.P. Singh, Chairman of the company started the session with his perception of Pet Care market in India and abroad, and what are the changes happening in this industry.

The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Eduardo Sanz, the Managing Director of the Scientific Department at Caltalysis S.L., our knowledge & technology partner from Spain.

Dr Sanz talked about their research technology; i.e. The Molecular Activation Technology and concept of molecularly activated antioxidants in various lifestyle disease management. This session was followed by the interactive session with the doctors on how the products can be beneficial in various indications.

All the doctors were glad to hear on this new technology and concept to treat various lifestyle diseases.