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Though petcare in India is nascent and not as mature as in western countries ,the Indian petcare industry is growing at about 26% a year, fuelled by a significant increase in spending by Indians on pets in the last few years. The services segment has also seen a rise in the number of companies offering pet boarding, pet relocation and training. There is significant growth in pet shops, veterinary clinics and grooming parlour’s as well. However, Despite the growing popularity and acceptance of pets as family members, the industry faces the following challenges:

- Lifestyle disease management
- Hygiene & housekeeping
- Diagnostic Infrastructure
- Articulated Services : lack of organized infrastructure of pet shelters, hostels, grooming services.
- Seasonal Adaptability : effect on breeds to the rise and fall in temperatures.
- Understanding & Redefining Nutrition
VIVALDIS would like to engage the best resources to address these challenges faced by the petcare industry.
There are approximately 12 million domesticated dogs in India. Their need cannot be ignored only because they cannot demand.

Pet Humanization

Humans were one amongst animals. Animals have played a pivotal role in the evolution of human species. The human-animal connection which can be traced back to several million years, has today manifested itself in the adoption of animals and them being treated as member of the family.
While rapid urbanisation, employment opportunities have improved the quality of life, they have also led to nuclear families , singles living away from their families and elderly couples. They experience loneliness and crave for companionship. Adopting a pet fills this void in their lives.
Treatment of pets has undergone a sea of change. They are now looked upon as companion animals. Today, pet owners are completely tuned in to their pet's needs- be it emotional or physical. This has ushered in a new paradigm ,which is termed as "Pet Humanization".
It's the phenomenon that has driven pet owners to care more, love more, indulge more and treat pets as they would treat a fellow human.
This thought fuels the pet industry today.
A house is not a happy home without an active pet... AWAKEN your soul by loving an animal...

Master's Response

Nature or Nurture. Some pets are naturally disposed to a range of diseases, and some diseases are born and accelerated by the manner in which they are nurtured.

Humanization of pets has added an emotional context to petcare, often leading to over pampering. As keen animal lovers and pet parents, the team at VIVALDIS wanted to direct attention of all animal care givers to diseases caused by "nurture".

VIVALDIS Health and Foods Pvt. Ltd. is born out of the vision of professionals passionate about animal and human healthcare. Our sole guiding principle is to play an active part in the care, cure and management of animal health by introducing innovative and path breaking treatment options, be it in dairy or companion animal segment- to this we are committed.

Our management has a collective experience of over five decades in animal and human healthcare. They have the distinction of being responsible for many industry firsts and are associated with several blockbuster brands. Our chosen path is a result of their foresight.

People are at the heart of VIVALDIS . We exist to add value and make a difference to the lives of our customers not only through our products, but also through our national network of animal loving people who will be only too glad to assist.